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21 January, 2016

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PLAYNETS is a tower-defence / whack-a-mole hybrid full of exciting characters, colour, explosions, and awesome music. Your challenge is to pick your favourite character and protect them on their perilous journey across the galaxy, from the evil cunning of a relentless gang of space-invaders. Evolve your characters, make them stronger and do more damage to those sneaky invaders. Crystal projectiles, gigantic chunky meteors, zippy shooters, volatile space debris, a mercenary robotic planetary demolition crew and much more - you will need to evolve to tackle it all. As your skills grow, so do your characters. PLAYNETS is free to play, but some in-game items such as special upgrades require small payments. PLAYNETS is inspired by unbelievably cool things about space that you never knew. This game is fresh and original right to the core. So if you're ready for the PLAYNETS challenge, then jump in to this magical world by downloading PLAYNETS for free!


PLAYNETS was made over the space of 12 months by brothers David and Kieran Donnellan. All of the code and artwork is 100% original. The game was made using the Unity3D game engine. This is our first game that we made together. We will be updating the game with a waveless survival mode shortly! We also will be introducing a Playnet creation center where players get to create their own playnet!


  • GameCenter Leaderboards
  • GameCenter Achievements
  • Original soundtrack developed by XHail
  • Play with 5 unique characters. Evolve them to increase your chance of survival.
  • Learn more about space through Playnets quizzes
  • Each wave in Playnets is unique and randomly generated


Playnets Trailer YouTube

Inferno III Gameplay YouTube

Kristal II Gameplay YouTube


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About Dakido

DAKIDO Media is an independent game studio from Ireland, dedicated to making innovative multimedia applications. It was founded in 2015 by brothers David and Kieran Donnellan who wanted to use their extensive design skills to bring original and compelling concepts to the world of multimedia apps. They both graduated at the top of their Multimedia Programming courses and have worked with high-profile multinational IT companies since then, including Apple and Ericsson. PLAYNETS is the first major game by the studio, and will be released on January 21st 2016. The name is a play on the word 'planet' and the game itself takes an innovative approach to a well loved sci-fi classic.

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Playnets: Survival Smash Up Credits

David Donnellan
Programmer, Sound

Kieran Donnellan
CEO, Artwork

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